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TookyToy – Mixer

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Introducing the TookyToy Pretend Play Baking Mixer Toy Set – Where Little Bakers Create Delicious Imaginary Treats!

Is your little one fascinated by the art of baking and love whipping up delightful concoctions in the kitchen? With our TookyToy Pretend Play Baking Mixer Toy Set, they can immerse themselves in the world of baking, whipping up imaginary delights and experiencing the joy of creative role-play.

Key Features:
– Complete Baking Experience: This toy set offers a complete baking adventure. It includes a charming mixer with a detachable bowl, lifelike ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs, a rolling pin, and more!
– Realistic Design: Our toy baking mixer is designed to resemble a classic stand mixer found in real kitchens. The lifelike ingredients and tools add authenticity to your child’s make-believe baking experience.
– Customizable Creations: Encourage creativity as your child measures, mixes, and bakes their own unique treats, while strengthening fine motor skills at the same time.
– Educational Play: Pretend play offers numerous educational benefits, including improving communication skills as children take on the roles of both baker and customer. It’s a chance for them to practice their baking orders and serving etiquette.
– Safe & Durable: Safety is our top priority, and this toy set is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring both safety and durability for hours of imaginative play.
– Interactive Social Play: Invite friends, siblings, or stuffed animals to join in the baking fun. This toy set promotes social interaction, cooperative play, and sharing, making it perfect for collaborative kitchen adventures.
– Easy to Assemble & Store: Setting up the baking mixer is easy, and when baking is over, the set can be neatly disassembled and stored, encouraging organization and responsibility.

The TookyToy Pretend Play Baking Mixer Toy Set is more than just a toy – it’s an invitation to a world of baking creativity, where your child can explore the joys of making and sharing their own baked goods. Whether they aspire to be a pastry chef or simply enjoy the magic of baking, this toy set will turn every day into a delightful kitchen adventure. Let the mixing and baking fun begin!

– 1 x Mixer
– 2 x Egg Halves
– 1 x Bowl
– 1 x Rolling Pin
– 1 x Sugar
– 1 x Flour
– 1 x Bakeware

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 9.5 x 18.5 x 20 cm


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