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Edu-Toys – Science & Experiment Alarm Kit: 6 Activities

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Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Alarm Kit: 6 Activities
Discover the Intriguing World of Alarms and Circuits with the Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Alarm Kit!

Are you curious about how alarms work and eager to explore the principles of electrical circuits? The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Alarm Kit offers a fascinating entry into the world of alarms, sensors, and circuits. With 6 engaging activities, you can unravel the mysteries of alarm systems and gain hands-on knowledge of electrical science.

Make your own intruder alarm. Protect your valuable belongings, connect the alarm to a door, a window or whatever you want to keep safe. Learn how electric circuits work. The kit includes an intruder alarm panel, a battery holder and electronic components.

The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Alarm Kit is more than just a kit – it’s a window to the world of scientific discovery. Whether you aspire to be an engineer, a security system expert, or simply enjoy exploring the marvels of electrical circuits, this kit equips you with the tools to nurture your curiosity and understanding of the captivating field of alarms and electronics. Embark on an educational journey filled with discovery and enlightenment!

– 1 x Battery Holder
– 1 x Circuit Panel Board
– 1 x Alarm Card
– 1 x Buzzer
– 3 x Resistors
– 2 x LEDs
– 1 x Switch
– 12 x Short Plastic-Coated Hook-Up Wires
– 6 x Long Plastic-Coated Hook-Up Wires
– 1 x Enamel-Coated Hook-Up Wire
– 2 x Aluminum Cards
– 2 x Screws
– 14 x Brass Fasteners
– 2 x Paper Clips x 2
– 32 x Washers
– Sand Paper
– Instruction Manual

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 19.5 x 25 x 7 cm


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