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Classic World – Modern Tool Bench

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Classic World Modern Tool Bench Pretend Play Set
This all-in-one Modern Tool Bench Pretend Play Set from Classic World achieves every function for a junior woodworker and carpenter!

It includes all must-have tools and accessories which children can use to install and spin the gears in order to observe the transmission, saw and construct structures freely to develop logical thinking and creativity, and ultimately, to build anything their imagination allows!

Enjoy the fun and creativity made available by the Modern Tool Bench Pretend Play Set from Classic World!

2 x Bottom Left & Right Side Panels
2 x Bottom Front & Rear Side Panels
1 x Baseplate
1 x Blackboard
1 x Deck Panel
2 x Countertop Support Plates
2 x Front Legs
2 x Hind Legs
1 x Front plate
2 x Support Reinforcement Plates
1 x Saw Blade
1 x Bench Vice Handle
2 x Bench Vice
1 x Saw Blade Rocker
1 x Fixed Block Saw Blade Rocker
5 x Hex Nuts
5 x Screws
5 x Pegs
3 x Cubes
2 x Large Gears
3 x Small Gears
1 x Wrench
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Saw
3 x 2-Hole Plate
2 x 3-Hole Plate
2 x Triangular Plate
2 x L-Shaped Plate
1 x Tongs
1 x Caliper Head
2 x Caliper Head Clamp
1 x Caliper Head Side Plate
1 x Caliper Body
1 x Tape Measure

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 39 x 42.7 x 56 cm


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