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Big Potato Games – Muffin Time Family Board Game

R376.00 Vat Inclusive

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Skateboarding Cows, Exploding Turtles, Talking Muffins and more! Can you even believe it?

You might as well believe it as the list goes on with the Muffin Time Family Board Game from Big Potato Games!

Use over 200 unique game cards to crush your friends and win the game. This version includes expansion packs too, so the fun never ends!

Sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled because every card has unique and wacky effects!
The first player to collect 10 cards and shout “It’s Muffin Time!” is crowned the winner! A random card game where anything can, (and probably will), happen!!

Get ready to steal cards, trick your opponents, and bend the rules in your favour as you battle your friends and family in this chaotic card game!

Muffin Time is based on the ultra-popular ‘asdfmovie’ series on YouTube – be sure to check it out as it’s definitely the new trend!!

– 200 x Game Cards

Age: 13 Years +
Item size: 33 x 33 x 33 cm
Number of Players: 2 +


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