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Educational Toys for 1 Year Old

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Welcome to Let’s Learn Kidz, South Africa’s leading online toy store for educational toys for 1 year olds. Rooted in the philosophy of learning through play, our collection for 0-18 months is designed to stimulate the growing minds of your little ones.

Babies are curious explorers, learning about their world through touch, sight, and sound. Our premium-quality educational toys, imported from international brands, are perfect companions for this fascinating journey. Each toy in our collection is more than just an amusement; they’re keys to unlocking a world of discovery and learning.

Whether it’s a rattling toy to enhance their hearing, soft blocks to build their fine motor skills, or colour-rich toys to stimulate their sight, our selection of educational toys for 1 year olds ensures they’ll have fun while developing essential skills.

Every product in our ever-growing range is meticulously chosen to provide a perfect blend of play, education, and development opportunities. Delight your child with toys that both entertain and educate, shaping their learning journey from the very start.

With Let’s Learn Kidz, begin your child’s educational adventure today. Uncover a world of fun, learning, and development with our range of educational toys for 1 year olds suitable for 0-18 month olds. Let the joy of discovery and the thrill of learning begin!

Ignite the Joy of Early Learning with Educational Toys for 1-Year-Olds at Let's Learn Kidz

The first years of a child’s life are filled with rapid growth and development, making it an ideal time to introduce educational toys. At Let’s Learn Kidz, we’re passionate about cultivating early learning experiences that make a lasting impact. Our carefully curated collection of educational toys for 1-year-olds is designed to nurture foundational skills, inspire curiosity, and spark joy in every moment of play.

Nurturing Growth with Educational Toys

Babies at one year old are just beginning to explore the world around them. Every touch, sight, and sound is a learning opportunity. Our educational toys for 1-year-olds are designed to engage these budding senses, stimulating cognitive development, enhancing motor skills, and fostering early language acquisition.

The Let’s Learn Kidz Advantage

Choosing Let’s Learn Kidz means choosing more than just toys. You’re investing in high-quality learning aids sourced from the best international brands. Each toy in our collection goes beyond fun and entertainment, providing critical learning opportunities to help your little ones develop their skills during these formative years.

Educational Toys Crafted for One-Year-Olds

Our range includes sensory toys that engage touch, sight, and sound, stacking and sorting toys that enhance fine motor skills and problem-solving, and musical instruments that introduce rhythm and coordination. 

Benefits of Early Learning

Introducing educational toys at this tender age can significantly impact your child’s growth. They foster creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and promote cognitive development. More than just playthings, these toys are your child’s first step into the world of learning.

Start the Learning Journey with Let's Learn Kidz Today

At Let’s Learn Kidz, we believe in the power of play and the magic it can bring to your child’s learning journey. Our selection of educational toys for 1-year-olds offers a playful and engaging way to make the most of this incredible period of growth. Start your child’s learning journey today, and let’s explore the wonders of early education together.